Toongabbie Music Club

Meets the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month
8pm to Midnight

What We Do

Musicians sit in a circle and take turns at performing one song or tune at a time. In this way each performer is able to sing or play a number of times during the evening.

The range of ages is from 14 to 80 and the type of music played varies from folk, blues, light classical, jazz, rock, pop, Australian Colonial, country and western to old time. There are absolutely no restrictions placed on any type of music with all performers being applauded at the completion of their piece.

The last part of each evening is devoted to well known songs where everyone plays together. This helps strengthen ensemble playing skills.

Sometimes we practice pieces from our ‘public repertoire’ to improve public performance skills.

The Club encourages poetry and yarns as well as music and this maintains the links between folk traditions and it encourages song writing to conserve local history.

Over the last three years our club has gone from strength to strength with attendances at our regular meeting doubling and the numbers of community functions we do increasing apace. The Club now has a regular attendance each fortnight of between 15 to 25 performers (the average attendance at our Friday Night Get-togethers over the last 2 years has been 20).

We have taken on a more proactive role in community performances and we are fortunate to have our activities broadcast by our local community radio in the Hills - at lesat half a dozen people have said they heard about the Club on community radio.

This is more evidence of how various community endeavours interlink and affirms our status as true community folk.

Our Club is a healing place, a place of learning, it lauches a spriritual revival that is passed on (like a baton really). 

The Club has played six community gigs in the last 12 months and this aspect of our activity is increasing.  In addition, the group has in recent years also played 3 or 4 paid performances throughout the year.  These have helped to keep the Club functioning.

We want to pursue our aim of bringing music to the community to:

  • show people that folk music is a vibrant part of the community and not only what is on televisions or the radio, that it is something anyone can be an active part of
  • especially those parts of the community who cannot reach the music by themselves
  • continue to be a place of opportunity for anyone who needs a supportive audience